Soviet Light Tank T-60

Because the Red Army had a dire need of tanks a production of light tanks was organized. The T-40 base caught the attention because automobile parts were used in it. Constructors, led by N.A.Astronov began the modernization of T-40, modifying the armament and armour. The ability to swim was sacrificed. The attempt to install the 45mm tank cannon finished as a failure - the new vehicle was too light. Radical remaking of a tank would take too much time, so the aircraft 20mm ShVAK cannon was installed. T-60 was born. The new tank had more racionally installed armour than the T-40, also the protection was better. The first T-60 has left the factory at 15th September 1941, at the autumn of 1942 the production was stopped. T-60 had an average maneuverability, good off-road speed, was cheap and easy in production. But the need of the better armament for a light tank bring in the beginning of 1942 the T-70 tank to life. Tank T-60 with its 20mm cannon could not satisfy the tankists. The battle experience shows that its armament and armour were weak.